Photo Report & Article on Homelessness in NYC by Ranta & Brunila

Doctoral Student Kukka Ranta has published a photo report Without a Home in the Maailman Kuvalehti Magazine 1/2016 including an article written in collaboration with Master Student Mikael Brunila. Both are working at the Center for Research on Activity, Development and Learning CRADLE.

The material was collected while Ranta & Brunila worked on a joint project with the New York City Community Land Initiative NYCCLI and Picture the Homeless organization in New York City during 2014-2015 as part of the project Learning in Productive Social Movements, headed by Professor Yrjö Engeström, that is part of the Adacemy of Finland Research Programme: Future of Learning, Knowledge and Skills TULOS 2014–2017.

MaailmanKuvalehti-1-2016_KoditonNYC1-KukkaRanta MaailmanKuvalehti-1-2016_KoditonNYC2-KukkaRanta MaailmanKuvalehti-1-2016_KoditonNYC3-KukkaRanta MaailmanKuvalehti-1-2016_KoditonNYC4-KukkaRanta
Read the article in Finnish: Maailman Kuvalehti Magazine 1/2016

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