Article in Development Research Book by Kukka Ranta

KehityksenTutkimus-02-2016A new book Kehityksen tutkimus. Johdatus perusteisiin (Development Research. Introduction to Basics) is published by GAUDEAMUS Helsinki University Press, edited by Juhani Koponen, Jari Lanki, Mariko Sato & Anna Kervinen.

Doctoral Student Kukka Ranta, working at the CRADLE, wrote an article for the Chapter Global Governance, Development and Power by professor Juhani Koponen with a title ”Talk to us, not about us” on the power of social movements empowering oppressed poor people in South Africa.

The article is based on the Learning in Productive Social Movements project, headed by Professor Yrjö Engestöm,

The book will be released on 11.2.2016 at the Development Research Day 2016 Conference, the House of Science and Letters, Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki, at 17:00.

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