Development Research Summer Day 2016

Tuesday 17th of May, 16:00 at Tieteiden talo (Kirkkokatu 6), Sali 505.
Organized by
the Finnish Society for Development Research
You are warmly welcome to the traditional Development Research Summer Day! This year we want to highlight the role of art in understanding development, and in bringing forward development-related themes.
Three artist-researchers – Kukka Ranta, a doctoral student at the University of Helsinki CRADLE the Center for Activity, Development and Learning, investigative journalist and photographer; Riikka Bado, an independent theater artist and researcher; Antti Erkkilä, Doctor of Science and Forestry, Researcher at University of Eastern Finland and field specialist for the documentary movie Home of Heart – discuss development relevant themes through arts.
They will share their insights and experiences with their own work located at the interface between arts and development. Come and hear their thoughts on what art can provide for development research, and on the audience they communicate with through their work. We hope the event will also inspire all of us to see our own research in a new light, and to think about the possibilities of combining research and arts in our work.

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