Kukka Ranta presenting at The Free University of Finland seminar

Collective Research: What is it and what could it be?

ToisinTutkiminen-052016-Vapaayliopisto-KukkaRantaKukka Ranta, a doctoral student at the CRADLE, an investigative journalist, photographer and nonfiction author outlines the Alternative Research seminar on Tuesday May 24th, 4-6pm organized by the Free University of Finland (Vapaa Yliopisto), in NesslingNest, Fredrikinkatu 20, Helsinki.

Ranta will present her collaborative research methods while working with homeless activists and housing rights movements in New York City and Barcelona as part of the Learning in Productive Social Movements project, led by professor Yrjö Engeström. Working collectively and learning together with activists and social movements, and combining academic research with journalism, photography and multimedia has intertwined deeply in Ranta’s research work.

KukkaRanta-MikaelBrunila-LaPAH-fairwell2015Farewell with Pah Barcelona after working 3 months with the movement.

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